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Member Registration/Renewal Form

Please fill in the form below. Union Boat Club will use the information collected below to:
- Register you as a member of Union Boat Club.
- Register you with Rowing New Zealand. (required if you are competing at any NZ regattas) and,
- Keep you informed on upcoming events, regatta and news updates.

Note: Registration Forms will need to be completed on an annual basis. All information will be kept confidential and not passed onto any third party.

If you are under 18 years of age you will need to provide details of a parent or guardian:

Rowing History:
Please advise us of your rowing status, skills and history -

If you are joining Union Boat Club from another club, you may need to provide a Clearance/Transfer from your previous club. This form will need to be acknowledged and signed by our Club Secretary.

Membership Type:
Please select which Membership you require. For more details refer to our Membership page.

Healthy & Safety:
Your safety is important to us. All rowers must be able to swim 50m in light clothes unassisted. If you cannot swim - no row.
Please confirm your ability to swim.

- I hereby apply for membership of the Union Boat Club.
- I agree to be bound by the rules of the Club and to pay the annual subscription fees as set at the Annual General Meeting.
- I also agree to pay such additional fees and levies which may be set from time to time to cover such items as: plant replacement, regatta entries and travel expenses.
- I understand that there may be risk of personal injury involved in participating in the sport of rowing and hereby indemnify the Union Boat Club, its Executive, fellow members and coaches from any liability.

Please use lowercase letters for your answer.